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Emerging Diease Publications

Zika Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

Efficacy of the broad-spectrum antiviral compound BCX4430 against Zika virus in cell culture and in a mouse model.
Julander J, Siddharthan V, Evans J et al.
Antiviral Research. 2017 vol: 137 pp: 14-22

Characterization of Zika virus binding and enhancement potential of a large panel of flavivirus murine monoclonal antibodies
Willis E, Hensley S
Virology 2017 vol: 508 pp: 1-6

Zika virus infection of adult and fetal STAT2 knock-out hamsters 
Siddharthan V, Van Wettere A, Li R, Miao J, Wang Z et. al. 
Virology 2017 vol: 507 pp: 89-95

Recombinant Zika proteins

Zika virus protection by a single low-dose nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccination
Pardi N, Hogan M, Pelc R, Muramatsu H, Andersen H et. al.
Nature 2017 vol: 543 (7644) pp: 248-251

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