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β2-Microglobulin, Highly Purified AJ 3007

AJ 3007
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Data Sheet
AJ 3007
SHELF-LIFE 5 years from date of manufacture
SOURCE This product is prepared from the urine of patients with chronic renal tubular proteinuria.
PRESENTATION The product is supplied freeze-dried from 0.02M ammonium bicarbonate and may contain traces of buffer salts. It is recommended that the product be reconstituted using a phosphate buffer, pH >7.0 containing 0.15M NaCl
PURITY >98% of total protein
ANALYSIS SDS-PAGE and cellulose acetate electrophoresis show one band only.

Immunological identity and human beta-2-microglobulin concentration verified by radial immunodiffusion.

Protein concentration measured in mg/ml prior to dispensing as determined by the method of Lowry and E280nm1cm,0.1% = 1.65

Electrophoretic and chromatographic data are consistent with a molecular weight of approx. 12000Da
Raw material urine tested negative on a single donor basis by the following methods :

Marker Test Method
HIV 1 & 2 antibodies Genetic Systems HIV1/HIV2 Plus O EIA (Bio-Rad)
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Genetic Systems HBsAg EIA 3.0 (Bio-Rad)
Hepatitis C virus antibodies Abbott HCV EIA
Syphilis Becton Dickinson (RPR)
STORAGE +2 to +8ºC
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