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Affinity purified anti-HIV-1-gp120 D7324

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VIAL SIZE 2mg (2ml)
By absorbance at 280nm. Measured after dispensing and prior to freeze-drying.
PRODUCT PRESENTATION Lyophilised in PBS, 0.15M NaCl (pH 7.4) without preservative.

This antibody product is produced by first immunising sheep with a single synthetic peptide which has the amino acid sequence: APTKAKRRVVQREKR

This amino acid sequence corresponds to amino acid numbers 497511 in the envelope gene gp120 protein of the BH-10 strain of HIV-1 (see Ratner, L. et al., Nature, 313, 277-284 (1985).

The antibodies are isolated from the sheep hyperimmune serum by affinity chromatography using the above specified synthetic peptide coupled to Sepharose.

SPECIFICITY The serological activity of the antibodies is checked by ELISA.
PACKAGING 1 x 2mg (2ml) vial
Reconstitute with 2ml of double distilled water.
Note : On reconstitution, a certain proportion of the antibody does not go back into solution due to partial aggregation during the freeze-drying process. This insoluble product can be removed by centrifuging at approximately 3000rpm for 5 minutes and then using the resultant supernatant. The proportion of insoluble aggregate will vary from lot to lot and possibly even from vial to vial.
STORAGE Lyophilised product at +2 to +8ºC.
Reconstituted product should be stored in aliquots at -20º C.
For research purposes only.
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