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CA 72-4 (low cross reactivity), Partially Purified CT 3284

CT 3284
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Data Sheet
CT 3284
SHELF LIFE 12 months from date of manufacture
SOURCE Human fluids
PRESENTATION The product is supplied as a frozen liquid in 1M NaCl
PRESERVATIVE 0.09% sodium azide
CA 72-4 ACTIVITY >10 KU/ml by Roche Cobas CA 72-4 Assay
PRODUCT QUALITY: Relative purity ratio reported per lot.
Relative purity is determined using CA 72-4 activity
(KU/ml) ÷ OD 280 (KU/ml/OD280)
CROSS REACTIVITY See PDF for more details
HBsAg, anti-HIV 1/2, anti-HCV Non-reactive when pooled donor fluids tested by FDA accepted methods.
HIV-1, HCV and HBV Finished product confirmed non-reactive for viral DNA by PCR methods.
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