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Calcitonin MAb BF 1234

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SHELF LIFE 2 years from date of manufacture for all clones except clone 2202023, which has 5 years from date of manufacture.
Clone Specificity - amino acid
residue of Procalcitonin
Isotype Expression system
0511045 60-69 IgG2a In vivo
0611055 72-81 IgG1 In vitro
0911065 72-81 IgG1 In vivo
1011075 72-81 IgG1 In vitro
2202023 72-81 IgG2b In vitro
1002035 72-81 IgG1 In vitro
2411051 72-81 IgG1 In vitro
2411061 72-81 IgG1 In vitro
2411071 72-81 IgG1 In vitro
PRESENTATION Protein A purified immunoglobulin in PBS buffer, pH 7.4
PRESERVATIVE 0.09% sodium azide
IMMUNOGEN Human Calcitonin
SPECIFICITY Human Calcitonin and Procalcitonin
APPLICATION Potentially suitable for development of assays for detection of human calcitonin and procalcitonin.
Recommended pairs in sandwich immunoassay (capture-detection):
Clone 0511045 – clone 0911065
Clone 0611055 – clone 0511045
STORAGE +2°C to +8°C
ADDITIONAL INFO Please see antibodies specific to other parts of procalcitonin under BF1230.
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