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Creatine Kinase MB (CK MB), recombinant AU 3292

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SHELF LIFE 3 years from date of manufacture
SOURCE Full length of CK M and CK B subunits expressed in E. coli
FORM Lyophilised from Hepes buffer containingstabilisers and 0.3% BSA (added prior to lyophilisation), pH 7.2
TOTAL CK ACTIVITY ≥700 U/mg (after reconstitution)
PACKAGING 1mg, 5mg and 10mg vial contents verified by Cobas
CK-MB mass assay
SDS PAGE Major band observed at 43kDa corresponding to CK M and CK B subunits with some minor bands (pre BSA/pre lyophilisation).
PURITY > 90% CK MB by CK isoenzyme electrophoresis (CK MM and CK BB total <10%)
RECONSTITUTION CK MB reconstitution buffer (code AU 3320) should be used
STORAGE +2 to +8°C for lyophilised product.
Reconstituted product is stable for up to 21 days at +2 to +8°C using AU 3320. If longer reconstituted storage is equired it is recommended to store at -20°C. If alternative reconstitution buffer is used customers must determine their own reconstituted stability.
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