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Placental Lactogen, Part Pure AJ 3094

AJ 3094
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SOURCE Isolated from human placental tissue. The starting material is tested negative for HBsAg, anti-HIV-1/2 and anti-HCV
PRESENTATION Presented as a frozen liquid in 0.05M Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate buffer pH 7.4 containing 0.15M NaCl
PURITY Between 40 – 90 % of total protein is hPL as estimated by SDS PAGE
ANALYSIS Cellulose acetate electrophoresis shows one band only with α1 -electrophoretic mobility
SDS-PAGE shows one band corresponding to a molecular weight of approximately 21kD
Total protein is determined by the method of Lowry and by OD280nm
Quantitative (and qualitative) analysis by Radial Immunodiffusion (RID)
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