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Prealbumin, Highly Purified AJ 3033

AJ 3033
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Data Sheet
AJ 3033
SOURCE Pooled normal human serum/plasma that has been tested negative for HBsAg, anti-HIV-1/2 and anti-hepatitis C on a single donor basis.
PRESENTATION Supplied lyophilised from 0.02M ammonium bicarbonate. The product may contain traces of buffer salts.
PURITY Nominally greater than 96% of the total is prealbumin by SDS-PAGE.
Type Results
SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Shows one band corresponding to prealbumin dimer with a molecular weight of 30kD. Under certain conditions, monomer (15kD) and tetramer (60kD) subunits can be observed.
Cellulose acetate electrophoresis Single band with prealbumin electrophoretic mobility.
Protein assay by optical density using E 280nm1cm,0.1% = 1.4 > 1mg/ml
Radial Immunodiffusion (RID) assay using Siemens standard Confirms identity and verifies concentration in dispensing solution.
RECONSTITUTION Use of a phosphate buffer, pH >7.0, containing 0.15M NaCl is recommended
STORAGE +2 to +8ºC. Do not freeze.
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