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Zika NS1 Protein MAb AZ 1225

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AZ 1225
CLONE NOS. 2701106 - IgG1k
2801116 - IgG1k
2901126 - IgG1k
0102136 - IgG1k
0202146 - IgG1k

Purified by DEAE column chromatography and presented liquid in 0.015M potassium phosphate, 0.85% NaCl, pH 7.2.


>90% by SDS-PAGE

Recombinant Zika NS1 protein

Potentially suitable for ELISA and rapid lateral flow application for detection of Zika NS1 protein

PRESERVATIVE 0.05% sodium azide
STORAGE +2°C to +8°C
REFERENCES Efficacy of the broad-spectrum antiviral compound BCX4430 against Zika virus in cell culture and in a mouse model.
Julander J, Siddharthan V, Evans J et al.
Antiviral Research. 2017 vol: 137 pp: 14-22

Zika virus infection of adult and fetal STAT2 knock-out hamsters
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Virology. 2017 vol: 507 pp: 89-95

Cell-line dependent antiviral activity of sofosbuvir against Zika virus
Mumtaz N, Jimmerson L, Bushman L, Kiser J, Aron G et. al.
Antiviral Research. 2017 vol: 146 pp: 161-163

A Zika vaccine targeting NS1 protein protects immunocompetent adult mice in a lethal challenge model
Brault A C, Domi A, McDonald E M, Kiser J, Talmi-Frank D. et al.
Nature. 2017 Scientifc Reports vol: 14769

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