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Biosynth Offers Novel Human Hybrid IgM Monoclonal Antibodies to Replace Natural Disease State Plasma

Dublin, Ireland, 31st August 2023 – Biosynth Ltd, is delighted to offer the following innovative range of novel Human Hybrid IgM Monoclonal Antibodies as an alternative to hard to find human disease state IgM plasma:

· CMV IgM hybrid human monoclonal antibody (code BM 1388)

· HSV-1/2 IgM hybrid human monoclonal antibody (code BM 1395)

· Measles IgM hybrid human monoclonal antibody (code BM 1399)

· Mumps IgM hybrid human monoclonal antibody (code BM 1401)

· Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM hybrid human monoclonal antibody (code BM1412)

· Rubella IgM hybrid human monoclonal antibody (code BM 1361)

· Toxoplasma gondii IgM hybrid human monoclonal antibody (code BM 1404)

· VZV IgM hybrid human monoclonal antibody (code BM 1407)

Characterized disease state sera are critical components in the development and manufacture of diagnostic tests. However, sourcing of these sera is complicated, time‐consuming, and sometimes suitable material is not available at all. In the case of Rubella IgM, for instance, most people are vaccinated at a young age and, as such, souring of natural high titer Rubella IgM plasma/serum is becoming ever more challenging.

These monoclonal antibodies have been produced in mice genetically modified to express human IgM heavy chain constant region. They are then concentrated and spiked into an IgG depleted and delipidised human serum matrix which ensures that the final product is as close as possible to the natural disease state IgM positive human plasma. As part of the selection process for each antibody multiple clones were analysed by commercially available IgM assays and the clones with the most reactivity were selected for commercialization. Testing in both ELISA and bead-based applications shows the products behave in an almost identical manner as the natural source.

“Some of the global IVD leaders have already embraced this new technology and adopted our Hybrid IgM Monoclonal Antibodies in all of their assays. This innovative collection removes the question regarding availability or quality, and leaves you with assurances of a high quality, reproducible product,” said Philip Noone, COO of Biosynth.

For further information about any of the antibodies from this range please email dub.sales@biosynth.com .

About Biosynth Ltd.

Biosynth Ltd, formally Aalto Bio Reagents founded in 1978, is a leading developer and provider of biological raw materials to the in-vitro diagnostics industry and to research laboratories globally. It serves the largest multinational companies in the industry with a broad range of purified human proteins; monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies; fungal, parasitic, bacterial, and viral antigens; and disease state plasma for in-vitro diagnostic application. Based in Dublin, Ireland, and now a member of the Biosynth Group, the company is rapidly expanding both its product portfolio and customer base. For further information please visit www.biosynth.com .

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