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  • Claire Duffy

Rebrand of Aalto Bio Reagents and Fitzgerald Industries International to Biosynth

We have collected some of the frequently asked questions related to our rebrand on August 1st, 2023, to ensure a smooth transition. For some parts of the business there are associated changes to legal entities as well as to the brand.  The rebrand is to help to unify our expanding group of companies and streamline our branding while still providing high quality and excellent customer service. 

It is important to note that there will be no changes to:

  • The form, fit and function of any of our products.

  • The product catalogue numbers.

  • The manufacturing locations, processes, or other elements that impact product quality.

  • Your account manager and support representatives.

Rebrand of Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd to Biosynth Ltd

Do I have to update the bank account details on file/in our system?

We are not changing banks, the bank account details, account number, sort code, IBAN number etc. all remain the same, it will just be the beneficiary name of the bank account that will change from Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd to Biosynth Ltd.

  • If you are an existing customer, there should not be any issues, however if you change bank accounts you will need to update the beneficiary account name.

  • If you are a new customer after August 1st, all the banking details will be correct on the invoice.

  • If you became a new customer prior to August 1st but have not yet paid the invoice, you may need to enter the beneficiary name as Biosynth Ltd, if your bank account has verification it may say that the details do not match.

I have a purchase order from Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd. Do I need to change the name before delivering the order?

No, we will accept all open purchase orders created by Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd. However, all new requests made from the 1st of August should now be using the new Biosynth Ltd name.

I have a purchase order from Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd. Can I still send the invoice to Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd?

Yes, we will process any invoices related to purchase orders created by Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd. Only purchase orders received after 1st of August 2023 will be required to be invoiced to Biosynth Ltd.

Which address should I send invoices to?

Please send all invoices by email, if possible, to: dub.finance@biosynth.com

Mail to:

Biosynth Ltd Unit A6 Nutgrove Office Park Dublin D14 DX26 Ireland

Any questions or issues? Email biologics@biosynth.com

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