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Aalto Bio Reagents Licenses new disruptive EEIA technology from ITTD.

Dublin, Ireland – January 20th, 2016 – Aalto Bio Reagents, the largest provider of raw materials to the in-vitro diagnostics industry and to research laboratories globally, today announced the licensing of the first Laboratory on a chip (LOAC) device based on Electrochemical Enzyme linked Immunoassay (EEIA) technology. The EEIA technology is based on a Chip run on a handheld diagnostic platform for the simultaneous measurement and detection of antibodies and antigens directed against emerging diseases and chronic diseases. The platform can be used for qualitative and quantitative sample result analysis. This disruptive technology is the first LOAC technology that utilizes electrochemical immunoassay technology with an immune electrode detector to produce a sample to answer results in less than 20 minutes on a patient sample.

The technology utilizes a self-contained, portable, electrochemical enzyme linked immunoassay system composed of a handheld electronic reader and sample assay chip card. The sample is applied to the chip card, which contains the reagents required for a specific test(s), via a sampling strip. The card is then inserted into the reader and the test begins.

“As the IVD and Medical industry moves to faster solutions, with connected health and sample-to-answer results for patients at home, infield or in the laboratory, Aalto Bio Reagents new EEIA technology can offer a range of tests which will allow simple and rapid determination of the presence/absence of antibodies or antigens in a single patient sample and test. Testing will not be limited to central laboratory, and the device does not require expensive, specialized laboratory equipment or highly skilled healthcare personnel. It is our vision that the device and platform will significantly improve our ability to identify individuals with emerging diseases such as Ebola Virus and Zika Virus, sexually transmitted diseases such as Herpes, HIV and Syphilis, and to monitor chronic diseases like Diabetes and Cardiac disease ” said Philip Noone, CEO, Aalto Bio Reagents.


About Aalto Bio Reagents

Founded in 1978, Aalto Bio Reagents is a leading provider of raw materials to the in-vitro diagnostics industry and to research laboratories globally. We serve the largest multinational companies in our industry with a broad range of purified human proteins; monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies; fungal, parasitic, bacterial and viral antigens; and disease state plasma for in-vitro diagnostic application.

Since the company's inception we have built strong working relationships with our clients who trust us to provide them with the highest quality raw materials to meet the exacting standards of their own product development requirements. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the company is rapidly expanding both its product portfolio and customer base.

For further information please visit http://www.aaltobioreagents.com

Contact: Aalto Bio Reagents Tel:00353-1-4900685

Email: info@aaltobioreagents.com

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