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Aalto Bio Reagents Launches Full Suite of HBV Human Plasma

Diagram showing seroconversion following HBV infection.

Atlanta GA, AACC – July 27, 2015 – Aalto Bio Reagents, the largest provider of controls to the in-vitro diagnostics industry and to research laboratories, today announced the availability of the first full range of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) human plasma intended for production of positive controls and QC in the industry. According to the WHO, every year there are over 4 million acute clinical cases of HBV, and about 25% of carriers, 1 million people a year, die from chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis or primary liver cancer.Transmission of HBV is via person to person through blood and other bodily fluids and infection can be classed as acute or chronic depending on the longevity of the virus. Acute infection lasts 6 months and can potentially lead to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (a type of liver cancer).

Aalto Bio Reagents is now offering the following HBV material:

  • Anti-HBs positive (negative for HBsAg, anti-HIV-1/2 and anti-HCV)

  • Anti-HBc (IgM and total) positive*

  • Anti-HBe positive*

  • HBsAg (ad, ay) positive*

  • HBeAg positive*

*This material is negative for anti-HIV-1/2 and anti-HCV however is potentially infectious due to the presence of HBsAg. In preparation for this launch all staff members successfully completed a course on Infectious Substances and Biohazardous Material, Dangerous Goods Training Categories 1 & 2 and have received HBV vaccinations.

“Our industry has an unrelenting requirement for access to the most scientifically proven raw materials, a broader range of flexible controls and faster diagnostics. At Aalto Bio Reagents we are continuously expanding our product portfolio to meet this need. By bringing a comprehensive suite of HBV raw materials as well as recent raw material development for a range of recombinant Chikungunya Virus antigens and partially purified cell culture derived IgE we continue to enable our clients to bring superior best-in-class diagnostic products to market faster,” said Philip Noone, CEO, Aalto Bio Reagents.

For further information contact:

Sarah McElroy

Tel: 00353-1-4900685


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