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Aalto Bio Reagents sponsors 2nd international conference on Zika virus and other Aedes-related infec

Tallinn, Estonia - 17th June, 2018 - Aalto Bio Reagents is delighted to be a lead sponsor of the 2nd international conference on Zika virus and other Aedes-related infections taking place in Tallinn, Estonia from 14th – 17th June. The conference will host researchers, public health practitioners and physicians from all over the world this weekend to share their knowledge, discuss new findings and develop valuable collaborations between industry and academia.

Aedes-related infections such as Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue virus have been increasingly reported in recent years with up to 390 million cases globally. Despite the numerous published papers, there is still a significant amount of information unknown about these viruses and their future implications. The conference will include presentations on the epidemiology, clinical and gynaecological aspects of Aedes-related infections, and follow-up reports of children with Zika-infected mothers. It will also discuss virology, diagnostic methods, new therapies, vaccine production and new methods of mosquito control.

Aalto Bio Reagents launched their Zika virus proteins in November 2015 and were first-to-market in this emerging space. Since then, they have expanded their product offering in the field of mosquito-borne and emerging diseases to include Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue, West Nile and Yellow Fever virus antibodies and antigens. According to CEO, Philip Noone, “Zika virus remains a significant threat, especially to pregnant mothers and their children. Researchers have made good progress since the WHO declared it a public health emergency 2 years ago; however there is still so much to learn about its immunological response and neurological complications. At Aalto, our goal is to enable our customers to bring superior, best-in-class diagnostic products to market faster, and aid in the development of life-saving vaccines."

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